Wednesday, September 28, 2005


War protestors, including Cindy Sheehan, call for President Bush to remove U.S. troops from Iraq. As an anti-military activist, Cindy Sheehan is desecrating the memory of her son Casey who was killed in Iraq, and destroying the legacy for which he gave his life. At one point it could have been argued that she was simply a pawn of the Radical Left, but she has since become a major player.

In a scathing open letter to President Bush and Vice-President Cheney titled "Dear George and Dick", Sheehan blasted our Commanders-in-Chief for our military presence in Iraq. One of the more civil sections reads as follows: " do either one of you look at yourselves in the mirror? How do you live with the fact that so many innocent people are dead because of your beliefs and actions? I know I couldn't. I know I would have a hard time living with myself if I was responsible for one death, let alone legions of deaths."

I don’t think Ms. Sheehan realizes that a withrawal from Iraq would directly cause the deaths of millions of innocents and the terrorists to regain control of the region. If Sheehan and her friends are successful in causing a premature withdrawal from Iraq, then she and they will be personally responsible for even more deaths. You see, pacifism does not create peace, but rather allows the terrorists to continue their reign of terror.

The perpetrators of evil must be removed from power and despite whatever good intentions they may have, those that stand in the way of that end are aiding and abetting the enemy. The only reason we lost the War in VietNam was because we pulled out before it was over. The biggest mistake of former President George H. W. Bush was withdrawing from Operation Desert Storm before we removed Saddam Hussein from power the first time. If we withdraw from Iraq before the new leadership is firmly established and capable of defending itself, then we'll be back in Iraq in a couple decades, doing this all over again. Let's "stay the course" until the race is won, so that Casey Sheehan's death will not have been in vain.

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